Municipal Waste: The Fatal Feast

This is the new record from Virginian crossover thrash band Municipal Waste. This is also the first release with Nuclear Blast records (They’ve been with Earache for a while).

Everyone knows that metal and partying go hand in hand, right? Well, no other band truly exemplifies the real “party vibe” quite like Municipal Waste. These guys must have never graduated College because all of they’re songs are about endless partying to the extreme. There’s nothing wrong with being twenty forever right? After all, nothing says a good time like running into glass screen doors, puking in the pool and stealing your Dad’s liquor.

I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan of this band. They’re really dumb and funny live and they definitely put on a good show, but as far as thrash goes, I’ve got other band to listen too. However, I feel that Municipal Waste are like Gwar in a way: No one really gives a shit about their music,  they just care about the live show and if the band is ever in town then they’ll totally be there.

I’m sure most of you reading this are already well aware with what this band are all about and so when you hear this album, it should please you to know there are no real deviations from their core sound on this record. It’s Municipal Waste doing what Municipal Waste do best – getting drunk and metal!!!! Theres not too much to talk about honestly besides that. I thought this album was a little more hardcore punk than metal compared to most of their earlier works, but it’s all still very polished and clean cut.

The band have recently released a video for the title track of this album. As far as summer tours, I’m not aware of any in the US. They’re probably playing Download in the UK this year if not one of those festivals. Either way, if the band ever make it near your home town, you’d better go party with Municipal Waste because I guarantee there’s no party better than the one that this band throws onstage.

Luke Helker


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