Meshuggah: Koloss

HO. LY. SHIT! That’s all that need be said really about the newest release from swedish extreme metal band, Meshuggah. This is the seventh album by Meshuggah and arguably the bands best. It’s nice to see this band push through all of the bullshit about djent and bands ripping off  Meshuggah’s guitar tone and just doing what they do best – making badass heavy metal music!!!

This album is really a culmination of everything the band have worked for and achieved up to this point, but still sounds fresh and new. This album has all the organic brutality that has illuminated them since their inception and contains visceral, groove elements that make up the foundation of this masterpiece. There’s still all of those complex rhythms and syncopation, polyrhythmic riffs and yes that guitar tone that went on to define djent music is still at the helm of the band’s sound.

“The Hurt that Finds You First” is a real stand out track on this record. At break-neck speeds, the song combines the old with the new. Meshuggah’s early work was very fast and especially punishing on the double bass drums. The new Meshuggah is a lot more cerebral and at some points progressive in their approach to song structures and this song demonstrates those elements and techniques masterfully. Koloss in and of itself, is a lot more cerebral like obZen and just as grim as any other record from the past. “The Demon’s Name is Surveillance” is also a good example of the characteristics I just discussed.

“Do Not Look Down” and “Marrow” are also huge tracks, with rhythmic syncopation that could sever your spinal cord and “The Last Vigil” is a haunting and remorseful conclusion to an absolutely epic record. There is honestly not a dull moment at all and is just simply a beautiful work of art. Even though it’s been four years since obZen, the band show no signs of any wear or tear or losing steam of any sort. I really just can’t speak highly enough about this record. There’s nothing wrong with it in my eyes, but I don’t consider it to be a perfect record. It’s pretty damn close though.

Luke Helker


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