All Stars Tour 2012 Announcement

Today the All Stars Tour Facebook page added a photo of the official band setlist. Over the past week they’ve been posting videos  of bands that have been confirmed and now we have the official list. The bands are as follows (from least to greatest):

Obey the Brave

Betraying the Martyrs

Make Me Famous

Stray From the Path

For the Fallen Dreams


Stick to Your Guns

Winds of Plague

A Skylit Drive

I See Stars

The Word Alive

Suicide Silence

…and Dance Gavin Dance and Unearth on select dates

Personally, I’m not terribly impressed with this years set list. 1) There’s no real distinction of “teams” like there were last year and i really liked the idea of taking two similar, but contrasting styles of music and putting them together on a stage and having them go back and forth in a tournament-style fashion. 2) For me personally, I would only really go to see The Word Alive Winds of Plague, Stray From the Path and For the Fallen Dreams and I’ve already seen all of them. 3) Suicide Silence are overrated and the fact that they’re headlining is a real disappointment. Maybe I’m just biased because I was in love with every band on last years set and in my eyes, no future All Stars Tour could top that.

I See Stars, A Skylit Drive, and Stick to Your Guns are alright, but for me, it comes down to the fact that the only bands that I personally would want to see I’ve already seen and the bands I haven’t seen are bands aren’t enough to  make me want to pay for a ticket. If I get press for it, then I’d be more than happy to go, but I’m not really enticed personally.

Share your Opinions.

Luke Helker


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