I See Stars: Digital Renegade

This is the third full length record from post hardcore band and Sumerian Records family I See Stars.

For me, I’m a fan of bands like Abandon All Ships, Of Mice and Men, Attack Attack, and other bands that sound similar to I See Stars or play music that is in the same vein. But for whatever reason, I See Stars just don’t peak my interest  at all. I simply just can not get into them and I’ve tried hard. This new album does nothing for me like all their other stuff. See one thing I don’t like about the band is their clean vocalist. he just sounds so poppy and fake that i find their music very unconvincing and I guess that’s the main reason why I don’t like them. I guess that if you’ve always been a fan of the band then you will really enjoy this record, but I don’t know how much people like the previous albums from this band.

If it means anything, it’s my favorite that they’ve done…I guess.

It’s certainly heavier than anything else they’ve done thus far and much more electronic, which is exactly what they were going for I think. There’s times though where I feel like they’re just trying to compete too much with Enter Shikari and Asking Alexandria. I think the biggest problem is that they sound different and distinct from the other bands within the same genre, but they haven’t they’re own sound and are thus floating with all the other bands. That sounds slightly contradictory and that’s exactly my point. This whole “electronicore” subgenre just makes everyone sound like each other in my opinion. I could just be talking out my ass because I’m not a fan of these types of bands as much,  but this is how it all sounds to me an thats another reason I guess why I See Stars don’t really do anything for me.

Getting back to the album, the singles on this record are “NZT48” and “Filth Friends Unite” and just by listening to them, it’s very clear as to why those are the singles. With the exception of a few other tracks, these aforementioned songs sound like singles and the rest of thew album sounds a lot different. What I’m trying to say is that the singles sound forced and everything else sounds like what they want I guess and clashes (“Gnars Attacks” is a bit of an exception but that’s where I draw the line on that argument) and it makes the band sound inconsistent.

Anywho, this album still doesn’t do much for me, but if you’ve liked everything else the band have done then you should enjoy this too.

Luke Helker


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