Mychildren Mybride: Mychildren Mybride

This is the third album from christian metalcore-rs Mychildren Mybride (fourth if you count their self-released album Having the Heart for War).

As far as Mychildren Mybride albums go, I thought this album was killer. I would even argue that it’s the best album of the band’s career. It’s taking the elements that made Unbreakable spectacular and expounding upon it to enhance their sound and style. It’s by far the heaviest thing that they’ve done and I think it’s also the darkest album musically as well as lyrically.

The album opens up with a introduction track that rips into “On the Wings of Integrty pt. II” (The first part was on the band’s first album, Unbreakable). Some other standout tracks include “God of Nothing”, “Dreamcatchers” and “Anathema”. I used to be a casual fan of Mychildren Mybride, but after listening to this new record, I’m totally hooked. It’s a brilliant record with some well-constructed songs and grappling hooks to pull you in and keep you interested from start to finish.

I also found it to a be a little less hardcore influenced and a little more straightforward metal. In some of their previous albums there are a lot of breakdowns and fun stuff like that that has become extremely popular over the years, and even though there were a couple of moments like that on this record, they are few and far between. Mychildren Mybride haven’t really built themselves on being a band like For Today or I, the Breather that has a lot of breakdowns in their music and this new album from MCMB show that they don’t really need them and never really did.

Mychildren Mybride are currently on tour with Make Me Famous, Stick to Your Guns, and A Skylit Drive, all in support of For Today on the Fight the Silence Tour. If it’s going to stop by your town anytime soon, you better purchase some tickets. For Today are simply amazing and u can’t speak highly enough about them and Mychildren Mybrie just released the best album of their career, so why the fuck wouldn’t you want to go just for that. Not to mention that A Skylit Drive always kill it live (a bit out of place, but still a good live band) and Stick to your Guns are also insane. I don’t know much ab out Make me Famous so I can’t say one way or the other.

Anywho, really really really good album from Mychildren Mybride. They really got me interested in them again so I highly recommend this band as well as this album to anyone is isn’t already hooked on this band.

Luke Helker

(Please excuse the “Funky Souls” on the album cover. That came from the picture I copied from originally off of Google and not actually on the cover itself)


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