Cannibal Corpse: Torture

This is the newest edition to the death metal legends, Cannibal Corpse’s discography, making this the band’s 12th studio album to date.

The highly anticipated Torture has met some pretty unanimous praise. There’s no real surprises on this record and the band can pretty much put out albums of this quality in their sleep. The band have also never really made a bad album in my opinion. Some great albums and some not so great ones, but nothing that has been awful or like Slayer’s Diabolus in Musica. My only real complaint is that the artwork looks a little tame compared to what I know this band are capable of.

If you already love this band, then I  can almost guarantee you’ll enjoy this album almost as much as any other album, if not, maybe a little more. It’s in the same vein as every other record, which I guess is exactly what we want from these death metal pioneers. I mean, let’s be honest, death metal as a subgenre doesn’t really allow itself to needing any reinvention of the wheel. If it ain’t broke don’t fix, so by saying that there are no real surprises on this record would be a good thing.

With the three years that spanned in between Evisceration Plague and Torture, the band must have really worked on their songwriting because unlike the two good songs on Evisceration Plague hat were still easily disposable songs (“Scalding Hot” and “Maniacal”), Torture is laced with classic Cannibal Corpse songs like “Demented Aggression”, “Torn Through” and “As Deep as the Knife will Go”, full of grimy and graphic lyrics that leave listeners wanting to take a shower (normal listeners that is haha). Even some of the slower numbers are killer and I’ve always felt that the slower songs were never their strong suit but Caged…Contorted is a fantastic tune allowing every band member to prove their worth.

For any of you who may have doubted Cannibal Corpse’s credibility after the release of Evisceration Plague, listen to Torture and allow all of those doubts be pummeled away by the brilliant riffs, thunderous bass, and gut-wrenching vocals. Great death metal album from the death metal titans themselves. No surprises. No revolutionary, innovative concepts, but hey, do we really want anything more from Cannibal Corpse?

Luke Helker


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