Soulfly: Enslaved

Max cavalera is at it again, this time with a new Soulfly album.

I’ll be honest, i’m not terribly big into Soulfly. Between Sepultura, Cavalera Conspiracy and Soufly, they all have really good moments, but i’ve always favored Sepultura and the other two have kinda washed over me no matter how good they were. Not because I wanted to not like them because they weren’t Sepultura, I just never really got as hooked as the older stuff. I did enjoy the debut Cavalera Conspiracy record though, but I still wounldn’t really even consider myself much of an authority on Soulfly.

I enjoyed the record. It was mixed really well and remains heavy throughout. Overall though, it was just enjoyable. Maybe I’m wrong though. Maybe this is a brilliant record and I’m not hearing it properly, but just based off first impressions, it didn’t really grab my balls like most metal does to me. I didn’t really like Omen though and most people agreed that that was a disappointing album for Soulfly, but this album is much better and I think that’s good to hear. It’s arguably the band’s heaviest record and I read somewhere that it was “somewhere between Soulfly turned to 11 and Sepultura, which is exactly what Soulfly needed after so many albums”, which I think is the best way to sum up the record as a whole.

Songs like “Gladiator” and “World Scum” are killer tracks (probably why they’re the singles haha) and really bring the sound of Soulfly back to the (no pun intended) roots of Sepultura (I made another funny).

Saying that the album washed over me would be unfair to say and would also be an understatement, but I don’t think this album will make it into my top 20 for 2012. Again, maybe I’m totally wrong about this record. I love Max and everything he’s done and have nothing again this record at all. It’s a bit of a reinvention of the wheel for this band and I applaud them for that, but it just doesn’t seem to really make me jizz my pants like some other metal records that have been coming out this year. Good record and I’d give it a 7/10 though. Just don’t expect me to bang on about this band in conversations, etc.

Luke Helker


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