Andrew Bird: Break it Yourself

Sorry for some of the late-ish album reviews. This album came out about a week ago.

The newest edition to Bird’s already vast back catalogue and sure to not disappoint, Break it Yourself is an archetype Andrew Bird record. Full of eclectic styles and sounds, this indie-pop legend has done it again with another album full of lyrical depth and musical uniqueness.

I’ll be honest, I’ve always just been a casual listener when it comes to Andrew Bird. I find that I listen to his music once in a blue moon and don’t seem to be addicted to him.  Not that I don’t like him, I  think he’s brilliant, but I’ve just never been a huge fan, so I don’t want you to really hold onto this review.

In my opinion, Andrew Bird has always been a very chill, relaxing artist to listen to for relaxing activities and such. His music isn’t all that immediate and really eats at your subconscious with his irresistible hooks, biting lyrics and true emotional depth. This particular album focuses a little more on loops and soundscapes, but in no way, shape, or form does it diminish Bird’s musical prowess or overall sound. Lyrically, the album seems to circle around the contemplation of humanity, society values,  traversing through the soundscapes generated from the record.

Personally, I really enjoyed this record. It had a wide variety of musical textures and soundscapes. It’s lyrics are contemplative and Bird’s genuine voice helps add those extra emotional depths to make the album really accessible and personal. Like i said, I’m no Andrew Bird expert, but I  read a few blogs and reviews of this album from some more “reputable” sources, all of which spoke very highly of Bird’s newest record and I think any fan (casual or hardcore ) will really enjoy this new record from singer/songwriter/violinist Andrew Bird. I enjoyed and I think you will too.

Standout tracks: “Eyeoneye”, “Desperation Breeds”, and “Hole in the Ocean Floor”

Luke Helker


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