Veil of Maya: Eclipse

“All they have is just ‘bow-nuh, bow-duh-da-dow, we -dunna-weow-nee-nuh”

It’s clear listening to tracks like “Punisher”, “Vicious Circles” and “Winter is Coming Soon” that this is not the case at all for American deathcore band, Veil of Maya. This is the fourth fell length album from Veil of Maya and with technical precision and bone crushing breakdowns, Veil of Maya continue to prove their prowess as one of the best deathcore bands around.

To me, I thought their last album [id], which came out in 2010, was the best thing that the band had done, but Eclipse is taking all the good things that that makes Veil of Maya Veil of Maya and doing it better than before. They’re reinventing the wheel and they don’t need to turn over a new leaf. Everything they’ve done has been similar in overall appearance, but has also been new and different in little ways upon each release and this album is just the next chapter in what will hopefully be a long story from this band.

Upon learning that fellow Sumerian musician Misha Mansoor of Periphery fame was producing this project, I kinda got scared a little because Misha is like Adam D of Killswitch in the sense that whatever he produces sounds like his normal band. Personally I hate how everybody’s trying to be Periphery nowadays. Luckily though, my fears were put to rest when I heard this album. Yeah, there are some “djenty” bits in there, but veil of Maya were already doing stuff that some people now consider to be “djent” before “djent” ever came about. I’m not going to rant on “djent” though. Most of you already know how i feel about “Djent” and so i’ll leave it at that.

This album is great in that it’s undeniably Veil of Maya and Misha actually did a really great job of capturing the essence of Veil of Maya that had not really been heard of on earlier records. There’s so many hooks too it’s ridiculous. It’s also amazing when you think about the fact that there’s only one guitar player. They’re all really phenomenal musicians and together they’re extremely tight. When you add that with all the hooks that are layered into each and every song, you get a tug-of-war session going on between the drummer and the guitar player to see who can grab your attention first. You could honestly listen to this album on repeat for a week and find something new to discover with every listen. I’ve listened to it three times already myself and it just gets better and better. I also can’t stop playing that breakdown in “Punisher”. I just think it’s brilliant how they have that quote about generic bands nowadays (which is so true), and they break into that exact riff. Brilliant!

I highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of deathcore music in general or a fan of at least two bands on the Sumerian bill (this includes: Upon a Burning Body, After the Burial, Born of Osiris, Periphery, etc.). A truly huge record for a reasonably sized band. This will definitely be in my top 20 for 2012. Keep ’em coming 2012!!

Luke Helker



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