Grammy Winners: Big Four

Like I mentioned before, the four biggest and most important categories in terms of the awards that the Grammys dish out (what i’ve dubbed “The Big Four”) include the following: Best New Artist/Record of the year/Song of the year/and Album of the year, all of which are very prestigious, but arguably predictable more so than any other category.

I’m sure by now all of you have heard that Adele won three out of the four aforementioned categories as well a few others. I’ll be brief  then and quickly compare my guesses to the actual winners:

Best New Artist

My choice: The Band Perry

Winner: Bon Iver

Well done recording (or should i say Short Bus) academy…you’re all fucking clueless pieces of shit. I can’t believe you actually let Iver win when he’s clearly been releasing music since 2008!!! You just contradicted yourselves in the most pathetic and obvious way. Well done, you’re all idiots. And don’t get me wrong, I love Bon Iver. I think he’s great, but he should not have won that award.


Record of the Year

My choice: Rolling in the Deep

Winner: Rolling in the Deep

No surprises there really I guess and I think she actually deserved to win that one.


Song of the Year

My choice: The Cave

Winner: Rolling in the Deep

Again, no surprises, but Mumford & Sons should have won that award. As far as songs go, that song much more well written, stronger lyrically, and all around I think a much better and more musical song.


Album of the Year

My choice: Wasting Light

Winner: 21

Don’t get me wrong, 21 was a great album and I thought this was the hardest category to judge, but here’s my problem with Adele winning this. Let me preface this by saying that I love her and think she’s brilliant. I thought 21, as good as it was, was just the same song refined and redone over and over again in some different manners and styles, whereas something like Wasting Light was completely different with every song, going in different directions,  and not recycling the same theme over and over again. So in that respect, that’s why I still think Foo Fighters should have gone home with that award (at least they got Best Rock Album)


Well so there you have it. That’s everything and anything to do with this years Grammys….I feel like I wasted my time doing something you guys already don’t give a shit about. Regardless, I enjoyed the opportunity to share my opinions, whether they were angry or happy, and be able to maybe influence you readers in any way shape or form. Until next time,

Luke Helker


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