54th Grammys: Big Four

In this report, we’ll discuss the “big four” is you will categories of the night. The aforementioned “big four” categories include “Record of the year”, “Album of the year”, “Song of the year” and “Best New Artist”. These are the biggest and most prestigious awards given all night (they only ever announce around 8 different awards on air). So without further adieu, let’s discuss the top four categories of the Grammys.

Record of the Year: Nominations

Rolling in the Deep – Adele

Holocene – Bon Iver

Grenade – Bruno Mars

The Cave – Mumford & Sons

Firework – Katy Perry

My Choice: Rolling in the Deep

First off I think we need be all on the same page and be sure we can understand the difference between “Record” and “Song”. Record of the year is a record based on the performance and production of the song. Song of the year is a songwriters award. That being said, I think that between Adele’s noteworthy performance and the sonically huge production thanks to Paul Epworth really really makes the song come to life. The only real contender I see is Katy Perry because that song is just as magnificent and beautifully crafted. The others are a little dull production-wise mainly because they’re a bit folkier (except for Mars of course) and the vocals alone on those songs wouldn’t be enough to win.


Album of the Year: Nominations

21 – Adele

Wasting Light – Foo Fighters

Born this Way – Lady Gaga

Doo Wops & Hooligans – Bruno Mars

Loud – Rihanna

 My choice: Wasting Light

This is a really tough category to judge because I honestly think each album is the band’s best to date (with the exception of Mars) and are all worthy of the award, but because no one really listens to albums nowadays in full value and the Grammy awards can be kinda sketchy, I think Adele might win because she’s the most buzzed about artist of the year (arguably), next to Lady Gaga, but I think the real winner should be the Foo Fighters record because not only is it the best record of their career since There’s Nothing Left to Loose. I think out of all the albums, the production is the best (and it was recorded in analog format in a Dave Grohl’s garage with Butch Vig as the producer) and the songs are better. It’s got more radio friendly and quite frankly better songs than Adele and Lady Gaga (who are the only real contenders for this award) and I think think the comeback this band has made has been extraordinary. Not to take away from Adele’s or Lady Gaga’s record because they’re all incredibly strong (as long as Rihanna and Bruno Mars don’t win i’ll be happy).



Song of the Year: Nominations

All the Lights – Kanye West (w/ Rihanna, Kid Cudi & Fergie)

The Cave – Mumford & Sons

Grenade – Bruno Mars

Holocene – Bon Iver

Rolling in the Deep – Adele

My choice: The Cave

Again, because Adele has been all over the place for the last year, I think it has a very strong chance of winning, because the Grammys can be a bit of a popularity contest. However, since this is a songwriter’s award, I think Mumford & Sons should take home the gold for The Cave. I just think the opening guitar lick is killer and lyrics are so profound and you really need to dig in order to discover the song as a whole as opposed to songs like Rolling in the Deep and Grenade where you just scratch the surface and it’s there. That being said though, most American’s can’t really seem to deal with songs that are profound and have obscure lyrical contents. Most people i’m sure prefer to have direct lyrics that are easily quotable and by that measure I think Adele unfortunately has about the same shot as Mumford & Sons.


Best New Artist: Nominations

The Band Perry

Bon Iver

J. Cole

Nicki Minaj


My choice: The Band Perry

First of all, in case you aren’t familiar with the eligibility of the Grammys, it’s October 1st 2010 and September 30, 2011 and the qualifications for best new artist states that the band’s DEBUT reocrd must have been released in the eligibility period. Bon Iver has been around releasing material every year since 2008! Just because they released a self titled and they coincidentally just started to become popular, doesn’t man that it’s the band’s debut. I’m sure it must be really confusing for you guys at the Recording Academy (panel of people who determine the awards) and it must be way too inconvenient to check your iphones for two seconds to double check the stats, but seriously, give me a break. Now Skrillex (as much as I love dubstep), shouldn’t win because he’s arguably not an artist, he’s just the next big dance craze. If he does win however, be prepared to have the airwaves flooded with dubstep. I still don’t know who J. Cole is so we’ll skip right along (keep an eye for him though because last year some Spalding chick no one heard of beat Mumford & Sons, and Florence & the Machine for this award. Now we’re down to two and while Nicki Minaj is probably the most popular, The Band Perry are the only ones with real talent (except for Bon Iver, but we technically can’t include them) and so that’s why they should win. Plus they’re country and everyone loves country music.


Well there you have it. That’s my full review of all things Grammy. Tune in after the awards show and i’ll review the winners and maybe inundate these pages with naughty language.



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