54th Grammys: Rock

Buckle up because if you’re reading this, you’re in for an earfull of a ride of both good and bad things.

Best Rock Performance: Nominations

1. Every Teardrop is a Waterfall – Coldplay

2. Down by the Water – The Decemberists

3. Walk – Foo Fighters

4. The Cave – Mumford & Sons

5. Lotus Flower – Radiohead

My choice: Walk 

First let’s point out the fact that The Decemberists are an alternative folk band and Mumford & Sons are another folk band so I don’t know why they’re in this category. Just goes to show how clueless some of the people on this “panel” are. Radiohead is also featured in the alternative section and Coldplay is also featured in the pop section. I know the fields are a little broad, but you can’t have this many crossover’s and this band mismatched nominations. However, Radiohead and Coldplay can be construed as Rock based off of some of their works and so i’ll leave them in here. Regardless though, I still tink Walk is not only the only true rock song, but the best choice out of all of the others. Walk is not only a huge radio-friendly anthem, but a testament to the band’s legacy, proving how they’re getting back on top and I hope Foo Fighters win everything their nominated for.


Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Performance: Nominations

1. On the Backs of Angels – Dream Theater

2. White Limo – Foo Fighters

3. Curl of the Burl – Mastodon

4. Public Enemy No. 1 – Megadeth

5. Blood in my Eyes – Sum 41

My choice: Curl of the Burl

This just makes me so furious. The only representation of metal music in the Grammys and it has to now be shared with hard rock songs which are songs that weren’t good enough to get into the previous category, but can cloud up the great songs in his category. I mean, Foo Fighters are great, but that song isn’t the best on the album and isn’t worth this type of award.  Contrary to what I said before, this is the a category I don’t want/think Foo Fighters should win.  And Fucking Sum 41!!!!????? Seriously?? They’re a fucking punk band. They’re not hard rock or metal at all!!! The Dream Theater song is horrible, so that leaves only Megadeth and Mastodon, two legendary metal giants. Megadeth have been nominated 9 times for a Grammy and not once have they ever won, seriously?? While I love Megadeth though and would love to see them win, the Mastodon track is a stormer of a tune and is the most metal out of all the songs and is a huge, killer metal song. If Mastodon or Megadeth don’t win, heads will roll.


Best Rock Song: Nominations

1. The Cave – Mumford & Sons

2. Down by the Water – The Decemberists

3. Every Teardrop is a Waterfall – Coldplay

4. Lotus Flower – Radiohead

5. Walk – Foo Fighters

My Choice: Walk 

Literally, the same exact thing could be said here as what I said before. These dumb fuck monkeys on this panel need to seriously get their act together.


Best Rock Album: Nominations

1. Rock N’ Roll Party Honoring Les Paul – Jeff Beck

2. Wasting Light – Foo Fighters

3. Come Around Sundown – Kings of Leon

4. I’m With You – Red Hot Chili Peppers

5. The Whole Love – Wilco

My choice: Wasting Light

I’ll just take this one at a time instead of meshing my arguments together like before. The Jeff Beck album is great, but i don’t really think you should win an award for a whole album or songs you never wrote despite the fact tat Beck and Les Paul are better than everyone else on this list. Kings of Leon…if there was a band to hate…more than any other band (more than Dave Mathews Band)…it better be Kings of Leon. What a horrible band of talentless, annoying kids. I may listen to a lot of bad music with some band singing, but the vocalist from KOL annoys the shit out of me. It’s so whiny and desperate for attention its horrendous. How can you complain about metal when these guys clearly sound like dying animals. As for the Peppers (and i don’t support any drug use at all but) go do heroin again and write good songs again like the 90s. Not one good song form that band on this new record and arguably their last record. Wilco’s album was really good though, not the best in terms of the band’s back catalogue but I really enjoyed it. However, it’s a bit more alternative to me than rock, plus the whole Foo Fighters record is one of the best records (if not the best record) of last year. That being said, you obviously have heard me go on about this record, need i say more?


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