54th Grammys: Pop

I promise I won’t freak out  like i did in the rock section.

Best Solo Pop Performance: Nominations

1. Someone Like You – Adele

2. You and I – Lady Gaga

3. Grenade – Bruno Mars

4. Firework – Katy Perry

5. Fuckin’ Perfect  -Pink

My Choice: You and I, Someone Like You, Firework

This is really a tough choice for me because I love Adele, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry and I think all of their albums are the best they’ve ever done vocally, lyrically and sonically. Pink in my opinion has really watered down here party attitude that really made her famous and i just don’t think her songs are that great even though vocally she’s better now that ever. Bruno Mars….fuck Bruno Mars that whiny cry baby. I want to through a grenade at your supposed girlfriend (as if you’ve ever had one) and see if you catch it. He’s a singer and has horrible songs that are shoved down the throats of American’s obviously and as a result American’s are really starting to loose touch of good music. So with the three I mentioned earlier, it’s a tough decision. I feel really bad for Katy Perry because she’s phenomenal, but has always been overshadowed by Lady Gaga (rightfully so to an extent), but I love this song and would love her to win it.  Adele said in an interview that she’s happy that Someone like You will be her legacy and thats great I love 21 and that whole is near flawless, but personally i think “Chasing Pavements” is the best song she ever wrote. I think it’s most likely to win because the population of America needs songs with lyrics that are very direct and poignant with not a lot of metaphors or shit like that, and Adele’s song is the most direct out of them all. I wouldn’t mind if Adele won, but i think i’d prefer Lady Gaga to win.


Best Pop Duo/Group Performance: Nominations

1. Body and Soul – Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse

2. Dearest – The Black Keys

3. Paradise – Coldplay

4. Pumped Up Kicks – Foster the People

5. Moves Like Jagger – Maroon 5 & Christina Aguilera

My choice: Body and Soul

Like my rant in the Rock field, you need to really ask yourself, for a band that was all over the rock and alternative categories last year, how can you honestly think that the Black Keys can be called Pop? Just because people are finally starting to pay attention to them after close to ten years and are receiving airplay doesn’t mean that they can be pop. I gave Coldplay the benefit of the doubt and kept them in the rock category and most of the songs on Mylo were pretty rock compared to their previous album Viva La Vida. Foster the People are also nowhere near pop, so I don’t what the fuck is going on with you guys in this “academy”? That now leaves us with Maroon 5 and Tony Bennet. I’m not gonna lie, this may be a bit biased because I hate Maroon 5 now. Seriously, if you like Maroon 5 now, you need to listen to their first album Songs About Jane start to finish and if by the end you still like what the band have become now, then you clearly don’t like music, because there is no way “Moves like Jagger” is an improvement to “Tangled”, “Sunday Morning” or “This Love”. And so default via process of elimination, I think Tony Bennet should win. Plus that whole duets album is actually quite good (especially the track he did with Lady Gaga)


Best Pop Vocal Album: Nominations

1. 21 – Adele

2. The Lady Killer – Cee Lo Green

3. Born this Way – Lady Gaga

4. Doo-Wops & Hooligans

5. Loud – Rihanna

My choice: 21 or Born this Way

I can’t really decide. Both album are the best of their career. Adele’s vocal style grew and improved ten fold and Lady Gaga does some crazy vocal tricks on her new album. People would call me just as biased as the academy is I put Gaga so i’m going to put both because i honestly can’t chose between the two. As long as one of them wins, i’ll be happy.


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