My Ticket Home: To Create a Cure

This is the first full length release from these hardcore Ohio kids. Most of you are probably already familiar with this band through their EP “Opportunity to Be”, which came out back in 2010. Now with a new set of songs and a bigger, bolder sound, My  Ticket Home are going to create a major buzz in the scene with this new album.

I’ve always liked this band personally ever since I first heard them. Even though at times, the sound very generic like their contemporaries like Like Moths to Flames, We are Defiance, and Memphis May Fire, they’ve also sounded nothing like these bands at times. What originally drew me in was their single “Opportunity to Be” being completely piano driven in a ballad style, which is very uncommon from bands of this ilk. For most bands it’s all about breakdown after breakdown after breakdown, but for My Ticket Home, everything is a little more thought out than that.

A lot of times, this record featured all clean vocals from Nick, which made the record seem more like a metalcore record than  hardcore record. I’m not a huge fan of Nick’s vocals when he tries to hardcore sing, but when he sings normally, he’s actually quite good and there’s a really big melodic element to their music. I like a band that can be really heavy and get the crowd going, but can also deliver really nice, thoughtful ballads without selling out or sounding cheesy. I think this band will crop up in some festivals and summer tours so be on the look out for this band to appear.

As far as this album goes, I think it’s really strong. Good songs, great hooks from the vocals as well as the guitars (the guitar tone on “Dark Days” is a total Emmure rip off though). The album starts off really hard with some good breakdowns some killer tracks (“A New Breed” and “Who is 67”) and continues to impress listeners with some interesting twists and turns on tracks like “The Dream Code”, “Atlas”, and “Motion Sickness”. I really enjoy this record and I know people who already know the band will love them too. If you’re a fan of bands like Attack Attack! or Like Moths to Flames or even if you’ve never heard of these bands I think you might like what you find (I was gonna try and do a play on words with the band name but I couldn’t think of anything good).


Luke Helker


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