54th Grammy’s: Overview/Production

For a couple of years now, I’ve looked at the nomination list for the Grammys and voted on the ones that I personally believe should win in that particular category. I did this to see if the Grammys were a reputable award show and to see how my answers compared to the actual winners. So for this year, I figure I’d post some of my opinions on who I believe should win. There’s obviously way too many categories to focus on so I’ll only focus on the big 4 (Best record, album, song, and new artist) as well as other sub categories such as rock, rap, and yes even country.

I’ll start off by reviewing some awards in the Production, Non-Classical category.

Producer of the Year: Nominees

1. Danger Mouse – Danger Mouse is responsible for a Broken Bells EP and some of his own stuff. Personally, Danger Mouse isn’t that great of a producer. He’s got a big dance and R&B background from being in Gnarls Barkley with Cee Lo Green and everything, but he overproduces everything and makes it sound very one dimensional in terms of dance recordings.

2. Paul Epworth – Paul here is responsible for producing a few Foster the People tracks and a few Adele tracks including “Rolling in the Deep”. Personally, I’ve got nothing against this guy, he did a good job with these tracks and they sound real tight.

3. The Smeezingtons– The Smeezingtons for those of you who don’t know are actually a three piece production crew featuring Bruno Mars as one of the producers. I may be taking things too literally here but I don’t like the idea of three producers worming together with a special club name to begin with let alone have all three of them nominated as opposed to just one of them.

4. Ryan Tedder – He’s got a few Colbie Cailliat tracks, as well as Beyonce, Gavin Degraw and Adele. Again, not bad, I don’t have anything against him really.

5. Butch Vig – The only thing Butch Vig did to get him nominated was that he produced the Foo Fighters album Wasting Light. An incredible record in an of itself, Butch Vig is also famous for producing Nevermind by Nirvana so there’s some credentials for you.

My Choice: Butch Vig

Not only is Butch the most experienced, but he produced Wasting Light in analog, which means there was no Protools or anything fancy like that, because that’s how Butch originally learned how to record and because thats how Grohl wanted to be. The way analog works though is that because you can’t be super picky and be extremely precise like Protools, it requires the musicians and the producer to be extremely sufficient and I think the fact that the album sounds as good if not better than any other album that’s come out using Protools means that Butch Vig must have done a hell of a job producing it.


Best Remixed Recording: Nominees

1. Cinema (Skrillex Remix) – Original song by Ben Benassi

2. Collide (Afrojack Remix) – Original song by leona Lewis

3. End of Line (Photek Remix) – Original song by Daft Punk

4. Only Girl (In the World) (Rosabel Club Mix) – Original song by Rihanna

5. Rope (Deadmau5 Mix) – Original song by Foo Fighters

My Choice: Rope (Deadmau5 Mix)

This is surprising even to me because I hate this version, but I think it’s really gonna be between Rope and Cinema because Deadmau5 did the best at completely remaking the song so that   it’s easily recognizable as Foo Fighters, but still almost like Deadmau5’s own song. Skrillex did that too, but I’m not sure yet how popular dubstep is with the academy. This years awards will put dubstep to the test seeing as Skrillex is up for more awards than Lady Gaga. We’ll see what happens I guess and we’ll talk about dubstep more I assure you.


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