Enter Shikari: A Flash Flood of Colour

Britain’s very own Enter Shikari, who have gotten very popular in combining post hardcore with electronic music, have just released their third studio album, but unfortunately, I didn’t really feel that whole flash flood that they mentioned in the title of the album. It’s a good album and if you’re a fan of them because of their looks, their accent and the fact that they have dub step in their music, then you’ll still really dig this album, but it just kinda washed over me. Maybe I’m totally wrong about it, but it was just so-so for me.

See, when “Destabilise” was first released, I considered that to be a real high point in their career and I still think that it’s the best thing that they’ve ever done. I guess because I really like that track, I expected the rest of the album to be as strong as that and it really wasn’t. “Meltdown” is a solid track and it’s got some moments here and there where it really clicks, but it really dipped in the middle for me and got kinda boring almost.

I was overall disappointed in it because even if I set the bar high in my mind with “Destabilise”, then they should have done so too and try to recreate that throughout the rest of the album right? I mean, “Destabilise” wasn’t even on the record unless you get a special edition with bonus tracks on it.

There really isn’t much to say. I mean, I’m not the biggest fan of the band to begin with, but I’ve seen them live twice and they haven’t been able to really capture their live sound on record and they just didn’t really have any real stand out tracks on this record either. Everything was just decent. But like I said, I may be totally wrong and part of a minority here, so please use the facebook page to express your feelings for this record. I’d be happy to discuss it with you guys.

Well, even though I wasn’t jizzing over this record like the new Lamb of God one, I still think this is a really great way to kick off the year and hopefully it’ll get better from here.

Luke Helker


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