2012 Preview

Well 2011 was quite the year. Loads of great albums and even greater live shows. Now let’s see what 2012 may have to offer us. Here’s my top 5 list of things i’m most looking forward to in 2012. I hope you’re as excited for this year as I am.

5. The future of Killswitch Engage

Just a few days ago, it was announced that Howard Jones had left Killswitch Engage. This raises a lot of questions as to the future of the band. It has already been confirmed that Phil Labonte, singer from All That Remains will not be filling in those shoes and many rumors have circulated that original Killswitch singer Jesse Leech will rejoin the band considering him and Adam D just did the whole Times of Grace album. Whatever happens, I just hope the album that follows with do justice (especially since the last self titled album wasn’t very good). Stay tuned for updates.

4. All Stars Tour 2012

After the success of the first ever All Stars Tour – a tour designed to take some of the biggest bands in the hardcore and deathcore scenes split into two “teams” – i’m sure i speak for everyone who reads the posts that i spit out that we are all waiting with bated breath to see who will be announced for this years tour. I’ll be doing some festival maths later this month we’re i’ll share some of my opinions and predictions for various tours and festivals including Warped Tour, Bamboozle and All Stars.

3. 5th Annual Mayhem Festival 

One of the most popular festivals of the summer showcasing some of the biggest metal acts, Mayhem Festival has in a way dethroned Ozzfest as being the biggest festival that focuses on metal music in America and now it’s turning five years old! The festival has certainly earned its stripes by bringing in huge names from Slipknot and Slayer to Korn and Disturbed as well as other greats. Another festival to look forward to and i’ll certainly keep you guys updated.

2. Albums

Obviously, I gotta be looking forward to all the regular influx of albums that’ll be coming out this year. Lamb of God have their new album out soon so keep an eye out for that review. If you paid attention to my top 20 from this year, then you’ll recognize the name Lower Than Atlantis…yup! They’ve got a new album coming out within the first half of this year as well as some of my other favorite bands like Upon A Burning Body, Every Time I Die, and For Today so i’m very very excited about that so keep following me on my musical journeys and we’ll see what happens.


How could someone not be excited by a BLACK FUCKING SABBATH REUNION!!! Yes I get they did it before and it flopped, but there’s an album along with this reunion so it’s definitely something to pay close attention to. Another big name to reunite is Van Halen!! Finally a David Lee Roth reunion with an album attached to it. This is gonna be a good year i can guarantee that and if Mayhem gets their hands on one of these bands, you’d fuckin better be there because it may never happen again.

So hopefully 2012 really delivers. Stay tuned and i’ll carry you into the majestic realm that is the musical world of…music.

Luke Helker


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