Disturbed: The Lost Children

For the first time in Disturbed history, the band have released a B-Sides album featuring 16 songs that have been previously unreleased until now (with the exception of a few if you’ve been paying attention to the band’s history, which I have). I’m guessing that since the band announced over the summer that they were going on an indefinite hiatus, this B-Sides album is a little good-bye present for us. This also may be seen as cleaning the slate somewhat, possibly getting everything they’ve ever written together out in the open for us to have because they’re never going to reform again or because they want to wipe the slate clean and come back stronger than ever whenever they do reform (if they do). Either way, we’re just going to have to wait.

Either way, since its a B-Sides album, it’s kinda tricky to do a proper review on it seeing as there’s no consistent direction other than the fact that they’re all songs that weren’t good enough for the album. If you’re a big fan of the band or a collector of sorts (like me), you might like having this for the sake of having these buried treasures. The songs themselves are alright. Obviously there isn’t a song on the album that could really compete with the likes of “Animal”, “Inside the Fire”, “Stricken” and all the other greatest Disturbed’s hits. “Hell” is a good tune and I was a fan of “This Moment” and “Two Worlds” among others. There’s obviously no surprises on this album, you know exactly what you’re going to get, it’s just not as good as the other things.

There are only two songs that I’m aware of on this album that were technically released prior to this B-Sides album. The first one being the band’s cover of Judas Priest’s “Living After Midnight”, which is the last song on the album. It was released as a bonus track on the deluxe edition of Asylum along with a few live tracks. Personally, the cover itself is not bad, but the fucking drum solo in the very beginning o the track makes NO FUCKING SENSE!!! Mike goes crazy and crazy for like ten relentless seconds, pauses, then goes into the the simple beat that kicks of the song. REALLY?? WHY??? As a drummer, I can’t listen to it, because it pisses me off to no end. Seriously, check it out and you’ll understand it.

The other track is a song called “3”. During the production of Asylum, the band were following the trials of three men who were all connected with a huge murder (I might be wrong on some information so don’t quote me on all this) and somehow either were acquitted or received a very light sentence, or something like that was outrageous. The song is basically about how they think the legal system in this country is really screwed up and giving their two cents on these particular gentlemen in context of the U.S. legal system. It was streamed on their website for a while, and so I figured it would have been put on Asylum, but it wasn’t and I forgot about the song until i noticed it on the track list for this album. Just thought you might enjoy that little story for your fountain of useless knowledge. Apart from that, I’m pretty sure every other track has never been  released prior to this B-Sides album.

Anyway, if you’re  a fan, I think you’d enjoy some bits and pieces on this album. If you never liked Disturbed then I don’t recommend listening to it because theres nothing here that would convert you into a lifetime fan. Other than that there isn’t much more to add to this review other than I hope this isn’t the last thing we get from Disturbed. I hope we get at least one more album and I hope the band go out as strong as when they arrived.

Take Care,

Luke Helker


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