A Plea for Purging: The Life and Death of A Plea For Purging

This is the fourth and latest release form Nashville metalcore band A Plea For Purging and even though I don’t think their album title is very appropriate seeing as they’ve been only around for about six years (I feel like a title like that would be better for a greatest hits album from a band who have been going around for at least ten years), this is probably my favorite thing this band have done. They take a lot of risks and experiment with their sound a little more and it really pays off because sonically, it sounds like a herd of elephants coming through the speakers and musicall,y the songs are very well written and thought out as opposed to just straight shot out of the canon.

It seems like this band must never sleep because even though they aren’t touring as expansively as some other bands, they still have a full schedule and are able to really work hard and put out records a little of a year apart. It seems like only a few months ago I heard The Marriage if Heaven and Hell for the first time (which came out in July 0f 2010 and Depravity was March 0f 2009). Much like Devildriver you can tell that this band are really in it for the long haul and are willing to work hard to get there. They don’t mess around when it comes to writing songs and again, similar to Devildriver, A Plea For Purging release albums very quickly. Something like this may be seen as risky because you never know if that gives the band enough time to really fine tune everything and make the best possible record you can, but A Plea for Purging have only gotten better in my opinion (much like Devildriver). The only problem I forsee is that at some point, you might not strike gold. Using Devildriver for the last time, Devildriver only got better from ther first self titled album to their fourth album (Pray for Villians). Unfortunately the bands most recent release, Beast, just wasn’t as good as Pray for Villians (granted that was such a high benchmark). If i were to make a prediction, I think the next album by this band will be the one to really break the mold and make them a bigger name. However, I also think that whatever albums follows the next, might not be as good. Sometimes you just work yourself to the point where the songs you write just aren’t that good. It happens and its ok as long as the songs are still good enough to satisfy our desires for said band.

As for the album, like i said before, I think it’s their best yet. Well thought out and done very well. The past albums had a lot of screaming vocals just plowing through with breakdowns and theres still a lot of that here, but I think there’s a bit more clean, melodic vocals on this record. The song “Skin and Bones” is literally all clean vocals, and you know what, it’s a great song. Not the best, but it’s still very strong. There are a few complaints I have about the record though. Production wise its very heavy but there are a few points where i felt like it was clipping a bit when the band went into some breakdowns. I don’t know if thats what they wanted to do, but every now and then I felt like there were some silly little mistakes that  should have been addressed. Theres also a lot of fuzz box and Mushroomhead style effects all over the album, which is cool. I don’t care either way, I just thought you should know since you might buy the record. Also, I’m kinda mad about this, but they’re totally trying to cash into this whole “American Djent” craze and rip of Meshuggah’s guitar tone. I just feel like Djent kinda killed itself in a way when everyone tried doing what Periphery did. Some were already doing stuff similar and by default were categorized into that label, but aren’t ripping anyone off…but i digree. I’m not going to rant about Djent…not yet anyway.

Back to A Plea for Purging…yeah I thought it was a good record. Despite some of the criticisms I mentioned earlier, I feel it’s definitely the best thing the band have done thus far and I look forward to maybe seeing their name on a tour coming around near home. Right now, I believe they are touring with Take it Back!, No Bragging Rights and Gideon, all of which are decent bands that you would like if you’re a fan of this band. So that’s it from me for now. GO check this band out, they’re really solid and everything they’ve done is absolutely killer.

Enjoy 😉

Luke Helker


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