Counterparts: The Current Will Carry Us

One of the fastest rising bands in hardcore music, Counterparts have released one of the most aggressive and honest hardcore records of this year, along with the likes of Title Fight, Touche Amore, and This is Hell and countless others. The leaps this band have made and now with this new album to add to it, I’m praying that more people start to get on board with this band because they are such a phenomenal band all around with a lot to say and they say it so honestly and with a lot of integrity, you can’t help but be gravitated by this band.

In an overwhelmingly growing scene of average, underwhelming bands, Counterparts have delivered a very straightforward, positively charge album with melodic riffs, heartfelt vocals, and chugging guitars. The band released statements about the new album stating that there would be no breakdowns whatsoever on the record and you know what, they weren’t lying. There are no breakdowns anywhere to be heard on this record and instead of getting a very watered down record with little to no excitement, we have a record that is even more exciting and more colorful than if there were breakdowns on it. It just goes to show how you can still make a really strong record without having to rely on a really heavy breakdown to keep people excited because let’s be honest, there are a TON of bands that are around and going strong solely on their breakdowns. I’m not saying that Counterparts are better or should be treated like elitists because there’s no breakdowns, but rather I think they should be respected for making such a mature, strong record.

Another great thing about the band is their live show. I saw Counterparts support Volumes a few weeks ago with some new friends here at the university. My buddy Ian told me about them because they’re one of his all-time favorite bands and so he turned me on to them. I absolutely love this band now after seeing them live. They were so good and so loud, playing they’re chugging guitars at eleven and shouting their vocals at glass shattering volumes. Every one was at top form and I know my friend Ian was pleased with the show because he didn’t stop sining every single word to every single song they played. The band even played a few songs from the new album, which was well received so we all knew that we were in for a good record, but now I want to go see Counterparts live again, so I can hear these new songs in the live context again.

There’s not much else to say about this band other than they’re fantastic and everyone reading this should go out and look this band up. I really hope that more people start to get on board with this band and I imagine that we’ll be seeing the Counterparts logo on a lot of concert posters for the better part of next year. All in all, they’re a very strong hardcore band making waves in an ocean filled with an overwhelming amount of similar bands just floating around .

Check it out

Luke Helker


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