Mayday Parade: Mayday Parade

This is the third album released by Florida Pop-punk band and even though I absolutely hate it when a band releases a self titled album that isn’t their first (Avenged Sevenfold, Three Doors Down and now Mayday Parade), I will be fair and say that the leaps and bounds the band has made and progressed make the title of this album very ap pro po. The band have taken all of the greatest moments from their previous two albums and wrapped it all together for this new album. I’ve always been a fan of this band and I’m so proud of what this band have accomplished and what they’re still accomplishing. Truly a remarkable band with passion and definitely worth listening to.

Ever since the bands inception, Mayday Parade have been filling our ears with stories of love, loss, life and death. Most of there songs have been very piano driven, with very ballad-like song structures which separate the band from most of their faster, harder pop punk contemporaries that sing mostly about partying and having a good time (Well done  All Time Low), and less abut serious relationships etc. It seems almost that Mayday Parade are complete opposites of the All Time Lows or the Blink-182s. Now thats not to say that Mayday Parade aren’t edgy or fast at points, i’m not saying that they are the only bad doing this and im not saying that the other aforementioned bands are bad for what they do. I just really like what Mayday Parade have done and enjoy listening to their songs. It’s nice to relax sometimes and listen to a good story.

The thing I like about Mayday Parade and the thing I think makes them so unique is that even within their own genre, which is already fairly accessible, I feel that Mayday Parade sing songs with very relatable subject matter concerning relationships, love, friendship and other themes that help to connect with the listener and make them feel special or unique themselves. A big part of that is in part due to lead vocalist, acoustic guitar player and piano player Derek Sanders, who arguably is the hart and soul of the band delivering his vocals to some intense and deep songs with a lots of integrity and honesty.

It may just be me, but I really like this band and I’ve enjoyed everything they’ve sone up to this point. Personally, I think that this may be their best, but my favorite was their first record “A Lesson in Romantics.” This is a phenomenal pop-punk record rekindling the spirit in a sub genre that I believe is quickly fading. Anyway, thats all I really have to say about this record. Very strong record from a very strong record and i recommend this album and this band highly if you are a fan of pop punk bands or looking for a band delivering a refreshing new look on life’s everyday obstacles with beautiful ballad-like songs and melodic, catchy, accessible hooks accessible to any and everyone.


Luke Helker


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