Five Finger Death Punch: American Capitalist

After the critically acclaimed success of the bands sophomore release, War is the Answer, the band have stepped up to the plate again and delivered another fantastically strong record chalk full of great, heavy tunes. Five Finger Death Punch are back on top with a bone to pick and they’re here to kick ass and take names. American Capitalist is a mirror of American consumerism’s poisonous grasp on every day american life and the band have made this album as a stand against the seedier side of the country they love. War is the Answer demonstrated the band’s will to fight to the death and to never give up for what they believe and this album is taking a step back and saying, ‘yeah this is a great country, but there’s some issues that need to be addressed and only the strong will survive.’

You may notice that this isn’t a picture of the actual American Capitalist album (I honestly couldn’t find one with the appropriate size specifications on Google, so i pulled out this one), and you may also notice that there’s a new face in the band. Bassist Matt Snell is no longer with the band and Chris Kael has replaced Snell in that position. Honestly, though I don’t think that it really drastically changed the sound in any way, shape of form and I don’t think anyone really misses Matt all that much. Five Finger Death Punch haven’t been around long enough for us to become so attached to them and see the band as a family more so than a band (unlike Slipknot, who are very much seen as a family of sorts), so I can’t say that i’ll miss Snell all that much (he did have amazing facial hair though). Aside from that though, the band sound as tight and as powerful as they always have. They even got Kevin Churko to produce the album (Churko produced War is the Answer), which is great because I think he did a great job of capturing the bands intensity and he really brought out the integrity of the band and had that integrity seep through every pore on the previous album. Sonically, it’s Five Finger Death Punch doing what Five Finger Death Punch do best and honestly, thats all I really want them to do. They’re one of those bands where the saying ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ applies and unless they start rewriting the same song over and over again then I’m fine with the progression this band have made.

One of the great things about Five Finger Death Punch is that their songs are so immediate. it’s easy to get into them and Ivan Moody always delivers beautifully melodic choruses that gnaw at the back of your head hours after listening to the song itself. The songs on this record bear no exception and I can’t wait to hear them on the live stage. Honestly though,Five Finger Death Punch are such a great live band, that they could play twinkle twinkle little star and it would be the badass thing in the world or the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard. They are truly a dynamic band capable of mastering everything. This record has some great songs on it including “Under and Over it”, “Generation Dead”, “American Capitalist” and “Coming Down”. “Remember Everything” is the only ballad-style song on this record and while I believe they will never write a ballad as good as “The Bleeding”, “Remember Everything” shouldn’t be ignored at all. All in all, this is an incredibly strong record and I’m a huge fan of it, but I like it slightly less than War is the Answer and The Way of the Fist, but that certainly doesn’t mean that the band are getting worse. I love everything that the band have released and i think they are one of the most consistent heavy metal bands to date.

I highly recommend this album to anyone who is/was a fan of the band. This a very strong record and shouldn’t be overshadowed by any of its predecessors. There really is no reason to hate it. If you liked the band before, then you should like them now. If not, then I guess you weren’t a true fan to begin with. Also, catch Five Finger Death Punch on their headlining tour with other phenomenal metal bands including the likes of All That Remains and Hatebreed. Sure to be a hell of a time with one hell of a band!

Luke Helker


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