The Browning: Burn This World

This is the debut full length release from a brand new metal band. This is a bit of a tricky one though because they are being called ground breaking for incorporating electronica/dubstep elements into deathcore music. This band are not groundbreaking though, despite what some people may say about this band. It’s true that electronica/dubstep has been long kept out of the realms of metal music, but one could debate that Fear Factory already started incorporating those bits into metal a long time ago. Enter Shikari have also introduced dubstep to screamo/hardcore music, so I wouldn’t say that The Browning are groundbreaking, but they’re still pushing the boundaries and adding to a new musical style thats still in its infancy. As for the band itself, they’re very heavy with brutal vocals even heavier guitar parts. Nothing very elaborate or technical and I would have liked to hear a little more dubstep in the album, but the band are still great and I think they’d be great live.

Now even though this is the first full length release by this band, The Browning have been around for a while actually releasing two separate EP’s prior to the release of “Burn this World.” Both EP’s featured a single that was rerecorded for the purpose of this album. “Standing on the Edge” and “Time Will Tell” were both released earlier as demos for the EPs prior to this and later rerecorded for this new album. I honestly like the first version of these songs more so than the way they were reproduced on this record. They were much heavier before and I feel like the rest of the album could have been a lot heavier. The album could also use a lot more electronica bits in it, but keeping in mind that this band just started to break through, this is a very strong effort and there’s always room for improvement.

The album is laced with heavy breakdowns, stomping tunes, crunchy guitars, deep vocals, all wrapped together with synths and electronica bits. It’s a new band taking another step in this ever-growing musical movement. I expect this band to get bigger soon depending on the reputation of their live shows and how consistent the band become. I also expect a lot of other bands following in the footsteps of this band and I imagine dubstep will become a much more integral part of the music business. We can already see some rising labels starting to get their share of some upstart dubstep artists (Skrillex is with a subsidary label associated with the Atlantic/Warner Bros. Company and Borgore is signed with Sumerian Records).

Like I said before this album is another step in “a direction” (i’m not going to say whether its the right or wrong direction but its a direction nonetheless) and I strongly believe that this type of music will start to surface more and more. Whether you like it or not, I would bet my right arm that there are at least three to five bands, doing very similar style of dubstep influenced metal, getting fairly big and put on decent tour slots in the next five years. The music business is always changing and dubstep is creeping its way into everything now. It’s finally becoming more apparent in music we thought it would never have crept into, so whats next?

Luke Helker


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