Blink-182: Neighborhoods

The HIGHLY anticipated new album by pop-punk legends Blink 182 has finally arrived, but was it worth the wait? This newest album, Neighborhoods, marks the return of Blink-182 after their extended hiatus in 2003 following the release of their self titled album, making this their sixth studio album thus far. After a few delays, the long-awaited album is finally here, but to some possibly mixed reviews. It’s undeniably Blink in the way it sounds.

There’s no extreme changes in sound or style in any way shape or form, and all of the band members sound fine, but there isn’t much in the way of songs. Blink-182 are famous for that three album curve that included “Dude Ranch”, “Enema” and “Take Off you Pants and Jacket”, which featured a ton of great songs that solidified the band’s status as pop-punk superstars , whereas on this album I can’t see any of these songs reaching the same heights as songs like “Whats My Age again?”, “Dammit”, and “All the Small Things”. Some of the songs are alright, but if I saw Blink in concert I don’t think I would want to hear any of these songs over the classics. Some good songs off this album include, “Ghost on the dance Floor”, “Natives”, and “Up all Night”.

I think the main problem with it is the band members in general and how they approach the idea of Blink 182 after so many years of making music with other people, because keep in mind this is a band that absolutely despised each other for years and when they split up, many people would have bet their life away that that was the end of the band. The thing is that Mark just loves College related Rock songs, and Tom did a lot of other things, creating a whole lot of tension because Mark felt very betrayed. A lot of times when band members leave to pursue other musical adventures, it leaves the other band members feeling very betrayed. The band members normally feel like the band need to stick together through thick and thin, just look at Metallica and Jason Newsted. Anyway, the point is the tension is gone now, which is why it became easier for the band to get back together again, but even though the tension is gone, not everything was completely resolved.

The biggest thing to come out of the Blink split up was the formation of Angels and Airwaves. The thing I mentioned about tension…that was another key ingredient that made Blink-182 so special and it made the music even better. But if Tom didn’t get his way or have something that he wanted put on a Blink record, he would simply just put it on an Angels to Airwaves record, and it worked. I admit, I like Angels and Airwaves a lot. Not as much as I do Blink but Angels and Airwaves put out so great songs. The problem is, Tom once said in an interview that he doesn’t need to fight for Blink anymore because he can do whatever he wants with Angels and Airwaves…and thats just really fucking sad to hear, because that’s what made Blink so great because of the tension and now it’s the sad reality.

Listening to the album it’s very obvious that you can tell who wrote what song and the record. It’s not very consistent because you can tell that Mark wrote this one, and then Tom wrote the next one and its completely  different direction as the previous song. Some of the songs are alright, but like I said earlier, I cant really get into these songs like the other ones and I certainly wouldn’t want to hear these songs over some of the classics in a live set. And dont get me wrong, i’m all for what this band stand for. They still for the same thing as they did back then, but they’re now doing things that aren’t as interesting. It’s as simple as that.

I just hope that this isn’t the last Blink-182 record we get. I hope that we get some more brilliant tracks from this band in the future and I’m almost positive that this isn’t the last Blink record that we get.

Until, let me know what you think of this new record.

Luke Helker


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