Kittie: I’ve Failed You

For those of you who might have checked in to see the praise that fell upon Stray From the Path, unfortunately, you will not see that same praise for Kittie today. Disappointed is really the only way to describe my feelings toward this album. Kittie are a band that have actually been around for a while (since 1996 to be exact) and released their first album in 1999 (Spit). That makes this new album Kittie’s SIXTH studio album and yet after all this time, we only really think of them as some second stage band, not even headlining (unless their lucky, depending on who else is on the bill), but Why? Thats the million dollar question here. When Kittie first broke they toured with Slipknot, another growing band and put out their best album in my opinion, “Spit” in 1999, the same year that Slipknot released their self titled debut. Anyway, my point is, the band have been very stagnant since then, the only other time making a lot of buzz in the music press was almost ten years later, when they released their fourth album, “Funeral for Yesterday”, the last stand for that band in my opinion.

When “Funeral for Yesterday”, it was actually quite popular because of some of the other female oriented bands coming out of the woodwork at this time (Bands like In this Moment, Arch Enemy, and even Paramore). I believe that the band even had the potential to become really big. Not Bullet for my Valentine or avenged Sevenfold big, but Parkway Drive and Bring me the Horizon big. If you read my review on the All Stars Tour and saw what I  said about In this Moment, the same thing applies. Kittie will never be bigger than they already are. I feel like they had their chance and they blew it. To be fair though, they did have a lot of crazy lineup changes when they band where just getting to their feet and have probably struggled since because of that, but that’s Chimaira’s excuse as well, and they managed to put out a decent record this year. And who knows, maybe I’m full of shit and Kittie are really big and I just haven’t noticed it, but from where I come from, Kittie are not a big deal and most likely never will be.

So, now that we all are up to snuff on Kittie’s personal history and their failures, let’s talk about this new record. I’ll preface this by saying that Kittie aren’t a bad band. I’m not going to be a condescending asshole and say that they’re good for girls because they have a record deal and their are plenty of metal bands that don’t so it has nothing to do with their gender or anything like that. However, the songs just aren’t that good. Plain and simple. I’ve said this plenty of times before and i’ll say it again. No matter how crazy you look, no matter how much pyro or makeup you drag onstage, at the end of the day, the only thing that keeps a band alive are good songs. I’m going to use my last two reviews as prime examples. First, the Chili Peppers dont write good songs anymore, but Stay From the Path write good songs AND have a great live show to compliment their songs. Thats what I  call the full package and Kittie simply dont have that.

The self titled song and the single “We Are the Lamb” are decent songs. The other songs are ok, but really there’s nothing special that separates this record from their others and there’s nothing that stands out above the rest. It’s like that saying your mom always says when you’re in trouble, “I’m not mad, just disappointed”.

I hate writing reviews that are less than 800 words long, but there really is nothing else left to say. I’m pretty sure no one really cares about Kittie nor needs another halfway decent Kittie record in their lives and I don’t blame them. Thats really all there is to say. If you like this record or the band, feel free to cuss me out and explain why I should give a shit about this band any more.

Until then, take care. Keep it real

Luke Helker


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