Trivium: In Waves

I’m sorry i’ve been lacking on the new album reviews, the summer kinda dipped a little and not a lot of good albums were coming out (i will give some shout outs to the new “All Shall Perish” and “Iwresteldabearonce” albums because both of which were very good).
When I found out that Trivium had a new record coming out soon, I thought, ‘Ok, this is possibly do or die for them. They NEED to have some sort of “Black Album” equivalent in order to stay afloat in the music world’. So when I heard the first single “In Waves” I was very impressed because that tune is an absolute banger. Then i heard that song live as well as “Built to Fall” on the Mayhem Festival and both of those songs sound brilliant live in relation to the other songs they brought with their set. So, now I’ve heard the album “In Waves” in full and i have to say…it’s great. Just on the back of those two singles I thought, Ok, this is gonna be good. But honestly, I didn’t think it was would be as good as it is. It’s REALLY good. Easily the best thing since “Ascendancy” and almost like the record they’ve been threatening to create all along. They really stepped up this year and i’m very proud of this album, and i’m not even that big of a Trivium fan.

There are so many noteworthy aspects of this album that need to be addressed, so let me start off with saying that in terms of the songwriting, it’s really stepped up. It’s got the melodic sensibility and crushing brutality of “Ascendancy” mixed with the complexity and huge production value of “Shogun”. Like i said before, “In Waves” is such a huge tune that it really set the bar for how the rest of the album would play out and even though no other song really matches to that of the title track (in my opinion), a lot of the songs come very close (“Built to Fall” being one). There’s a whopping 18 tracks on this record, and i wouldn’t go as far as to say that it’s all killer no filler, because there are a couple instrumental tracks, but it’s still one of their strongest albums.

There’s also a lot of shouting vocals again, which they obviously lost during “The Crusade” (I’d like to point out also that I actually quite like “The Crusade”, but for the sake of comparing thus album to their past, i’m going to ignore “The Crusade” because i’m party of the minority) and kinda regained with “Shogun”. It’s actually quite hard being a band like Trivium where you try to incorporate a very strong and delicate balance between the shouting and clean singing. It honestly HAS to be perfect or else it’ll sound too much like generic metalcore. Bullet For My Valentine are one of the few bands that have successfully accomplished this and I would say that Trivium have as well with this. They’ve really come into their own on this record. For example, in past records (*cough* *cough* CRUSADE *cough*) you can her bits and pieces where they ripped off other bands and you could pull out a lot of parts that were trying too hard to emulate other bands. However, there is a perfect blend of melody and complexity as well as a perfect marriage of shouting and clean singing on this record.

Anyway, there isn’t much else to say other than it’s a brilliant, strong record and it’s one of my favorite things that they’ve done (“Ascendancy” will always be their best piece of work in my opinion). Honestly, I implore you all to check it out, even if you’ve had mixed feelings about the band in the past. If you liked “Ascendancy” then you will love this as well, so please give it some time because it also is a bit of a grower. I didn’t really realize how brilliant it was until the third listen, but thats not to say thats it’s a slow record or hard to get into. You really just have to check it out for yourself and see where it tales you.

In terms of Trivium live, they are finishing up the Mayhem Festival dates and then they probably will do another North American tour for the fall, but i haven’t heard anything so keep your eyes and ears peeled to see if they come near you because they’re great live.

Ok, thats enough from me. I promise you’ll be getting a bunch more album reviews now since my concert swell has just about ended. Until then, take care and please feel free to share your comments. Thanks

Luke Helker


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