Mayhem Festival Preview

On Sunday I’m going to be going to the fourth annual Mayhem festival. Before i dive into my two cents on the bands, let me rant on about this whole billing in general. For most of you who are reading this then you will most likely be aware of every band on the festival bill this year and have you’re own opinions. Let me just shed light on the Main stage headliners: Trivium, Megadeth, Godsmack, and Disturbed (in order from earliest to latest).

Now, i think this whole festival billing in general is both good and bad. I think it’s good because Mayhem is really the only festival that can bring in four completely different bands that you wouldn’t normally see on the same stage together, let alone the same bill in general. So i think it’s great because it’s a whole collection of bands that i’ve never seen, but have always wanted to see, but wouldn’t be able to see on the same stage together on any other circumstances. It’s bad though because Disturbed headlined the very first Mayhem fest and the only other repeat that Mayhem had was Five Finger Death Punch when they moved from side stages on the first Mayhem Fest to opening up the Main stage on the third Mayhem Fest. Godsmack came out with The oracle in early 2010 and weren’t really heard from much since then. Megadeth and Trivium are great draws actually because they have new albums out or have new albums on the way, both of which are very strong and promising. If you ask me though, it all just seems like a very safe and because there are so many other better options in my opinion (Devildriver, Children of Bodom, Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet for my Valentine come to mind and if it weren’t for the Uproar tour, A7X and BFMV most likely would’ve been on the bill) I just feel slightly scared that Mayhem are running out of ideas on getting brilliant bookings. It’s scary because Mayhem pretty much replaced Ozzfest, which became stagnant after more than 10 years of being the main metal festival for America. But now, a billing like this would suggest that Mayhem as almost became stagnant about as soon as it began, which would really be horrible and depressing because when it comes to Metal festivals, America sucks at it.
Anyway, now on to the band specifics:
Red Fang – Don’t need them I only know one person who actually genuinely likes this band and i’m sorry, but you don’t need another half assed retro rock hard band. Listen to The sword because they do what Red Fang are trying to do much better. Same with Wolfmother and The Almost
Kingdom of Sorrow – I don’t have anything really against it, it’s just not my favorite. I’d rather see them with Hatebreed and Crowbar.
Straight Line Stitch – Again, some people love them, i’m just not a fan at all. Maybe their live show will sway me. Everyone also says that their chick singer is hot, but i’m not so sure on that one.
Unearth – I’ve heard nothing but great things about them in terms of their live show so i’m actually quite excited to see them and maybe i’ll be converted and be a bigger fan than i already am.
All Shall Perish – One of two deathcore-ish type bands on this years booking and they’re quite good at what they do. I’ve never been a huge fan of the band, but they have some really good strong moments and I hope they translate well live.
Suicide Silence – First of all, get back Tanner. Second, I’m seriously looking forward to this band because i’m a big fan of this band. I just hope they don’t play too too many of the newer songs. As long as they pull off “No Pity for a Coward” i’ll be a happy camper.
In Flames – I’ve got nothing else nice to say to you guys because i’ve been trying to stick up for you but you aren’t giving me any more reasons to defend you so you better write another reroute to remain or just pack it in, because let’s face it, no one needs any more of what In Flames is offering, which is depressing me to say, but it’s true. Look back at my album review of their new album for more opinions.
Machine Head – Even  though i think they’re being cheated by being on a side stage and not the main stage, i’m sooooo looking forward to this band. The Blackening was the closest thing to another Master of Puppets and the band itself are so close to taking the torch from Metallica, i just hope they do with their new album. Sooooo looking forward to Machine-Fucking-Head!
Trivium – Great band. I have no complaints from them. Just as long as they don’t play much from The Crusade. I’m really looking forward to their new album as well. In Waves is a great tune and i hope they play that song live.
Megadeth – I love Megadeth and i’ll be glad to see them with almost the original lineup. I’m sue Dave isn’t too happy about being second banana to Godsmack and Disturbed, but that just means that they better bring it so that everyone doesn’t stop talking about their show.
Godsmack – I’ve been trying to see this band for a while back in their prime and i was almost afraid i wouldn’t get to see them, but now i can and i can’t wait for their greatest hits. However, if they don’t do their monumental drum battle then i’m going to be sooooo pissed, it’ll ruin my whole day…not really because i’m sure they will do it.
Disturbed – Same thing as Godsmack in that i’m going to be able to see all of their greatest hits and go crazy for every second of it and most likely see some of the newer songs that aren’t terrible. Also i’m happy to finally see them before the go on extended hiatus and possibly pack it in, so i’m happy for that.
There you have it folks, stay tuned for my review of the show coming up on either Monday or Tuesday. Stay tuned and keep on rocking.
Luke Helker

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