Warped Tour Preview

Hey guys, if you’re reading this then you are most likely checking in on whats going down tomorrow at the Susquehanna Bank Center…thats right, the one and only Warped Tour has come to town once again. For those of you who don’t know much about warped Tour, it is a huge tour that showcases many up and coming punk, pop-punk, hardcore, and sometimes emo bands as well as the popular contemporaries. iwill now be going through most of the bands that are going to be at the event. I don’t know all of them so i can only really delve into the bands i’m most familiar with. Let’s begin shall we….

Main Stage:

3Oh!3 – Personally, I absolutely hate them. I think they’re talentless frat boys that just talk about partying and getting with girls. if i wanted to hear that i’d listen to Cobra Starship. I just don’t like any of their songs and i probably try and go see someone else depending on what time it all takes place.

A Day to Remember – What i said about 3Oh!3, but the exact opposite. I think ADTR are absolutely brilliant. i saw them earlier at Bamboozle and man do they put on a show. O definitely won’t miss this band and you’re crazy if you don’t see ADTR tomorrow.

Asking Alexandria – Personally, i’m on the fence with this band. I loved their first album and thought the second one was alright. I’ve also heard that this band aren’t super great live, which is slightly nerve-racking because i feel like it could go either way for this band. Hopefully they perform well so that i’m not wasting my time.

Attack Attack! – I’m very excited to see them because their self-titled album kicks ass and i hope that those songs all translate well to a live performance. I’m going to go berzerk when they play Smokahontas so stay out of my way haha

August Burns Red – I was never a big fan of this band until their newest album Leveler came out. Trust me it’s awesome, and if you’re like me and on the fence about this band, then check out Leveler, i think this band will slay it tomorrow, especially if they play Composure or Back burner.

Gym Class Heros – Ever since they ripped off Supertramp in their most popular song, whatever the fuck it’s called, i’ve always hated them and my opinion will never change.

The Devil Wears Prada – Similar to August Burns Red, i’ve never been a huge fan of this band, but then they released their Zombies EP and it’s simply brilliant! I honestly wish they just play the EP from start to finish and then i’d be good. But in all seriousness, this band are great and i’m looking forward to seeing them.

Advent Stage

Abandon All Ships – I should hate this band because of the way they use vocoders all the time, but they do it so well, i’m actually a huge fan of this band and i’ve heard good things about this band live so i’m very excited for them. i highly recommend this band if you like Asking alexandria or Attack Attack.

Black Veil Brides – Again, another band that i should absolutely hate (being the diehard metal head that i am), but this band are going to be the next My Chemical Romance. I’ve also heard very impressive things about their live show and i think they might convert some doubters.

Enter Shikari – If you like some of the bands that incorporate dub-step into their songs then i highly recommend this band because all of their songs are laced with dub-step. Think of you’re favorite band on this bill and then add dub-step to their songs, it’s most likely what Enter Shikari sound like (not too dissimilar to  Abandon All Ships).

Miss May I – One of the heavier acts on the bill, Miss May I are very heavy and actually very technical, with a drummer who could arguably rival such greats as Chris Adler of Lamb of God and Joey Joridson. The place is going to go nuts during Relentless Chaos, i can guarantee it.

Of Mice and Men – I never really got into the bands first album. It was ok, but didn’t seem too original or noteworthy, but after listening to their new album, i can see what all the fuss is about. I really want to hear more stuff from their new album live.

Set Your Goals – I haven’t really been a fan since Mutiny and thats because Mutiny was their best album…I would like to see this band, but i wouldn’t be heart broken if i missed them. I’ve heard that they put on a great show tough.

The Acacia Strain- I would go as far as to say this is the heaviest band on the bill. Their newest album was arguable one of the heaviest albums of that year, with tracks like Beast and The Hills have Eyes, this band will surely gather a heavy crowd ready to throwdown, so be prepared.

The Word Alive- One of the bands i’m looking forward to most, The Word alive are like a cross between The Devil Wears Prada and For Today (Look ’em up). This band has some killer double bass drum beats in it with some even killer songs to accompany it. I will not miss this band.

We Came As Romans – Another band i’m really looking forward to seeing. Unlike most post-hardcore bands with a scream/singer, the clean vox are too light and poppy in an annoying way. This band have lots of balls and i hope they bring it live (sorry for the possible gay joke).

Winds of Plague – Up their with Miss May I and the acacia Strain, WOP are a very heavy and very symphonic deathcore band. I actually caught a pick last time i saw them and i intend to repeat that this year. Even if you don’t like this band, i recommend checking them out because their keyboard player is the hottest chick on the entire tour (with the exception of maybe Paramore)

So thats it for the main stages. the rest of the stages feature smaller bands for the most part that i am unfamiliar with. I will however mention some of the other bands to check out:

D.R.U.G.S. – Craig owens’s (former Chiodos singer) new sideproject. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.

Less Than Jake – They are on the main stage most days on the tour, but not the day i’m going.

Sum 41- If they play anything off the new album…leave

Dance gavin dance – I hate this band, but some of you might like them so i’ll mention them

Every Avenue – these are guys are great and deserve to be higher on the bill.

I Set My Friends On Fire – i could go either way with this band personally. Not my favorite, but i like some songs off the new album.

The Wonder Years – New-ish band to come out and they are really good. I highly recommend checking them out for fans of Set Your Goals and Fireworks

A Skylit Drive – I’m surprised that this band aren’t on a bigger stage because i think they’re bteer than the other bands on that stage even though i’m not a huge fan of the band

Woe Is Me – Normally on the advent stage, Woe is me are on a smaller stage the day i’m going, which meanbs i might not see them, which would suck because this band are fantastic!!! Proper hardcore

Other bands include: Lucero, Simple Plan, Unwritten Law, family force 5, Relient K, Blood on the dance Floor, The Human Abstract, Sharks, Motionless in White, There for Tomorrow and many many…..many more!!!

Stay tuned for a review of all of the bands i saw on this years Warped Tour.

Luke Helker


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