Suicide Silence: The Black Crown

This is my first post that i’m going to try and incorporate into my new blog site. This review is taken from my facebook page at
This is actually a really tricky one and it all kinda is up to your particular preference of this bands history. But i’ll mention more about that later. First let me preface this by saying that it is the third album by this deathcore band, but it’s the second with their newish singer. The first album, “The Cleansing” features Tanner Wommack as “co-lead vox” along with their current vocalist Mitch Lucker. I really don’t think you hear any of Mitch’s vox on “The Cleansing” so i’m not sure why it’s phrased like that. Anyway, Mitch made his debut as a singer for the bands second album, “No Time to Bleed”. He continues as lead vox for this new album as well.

Personally, i found this album to be better than “No Time to Bleed”, but nowhere near “The Cleansing”. For me, that album is it’s own thing separate from everything else, and so i hold it to a much higher standard that i don’t think the band could recreate unless Tanner came back. The way his vox are on the first record are just amazing. end of. I still think that Mitch does a great job and the band are still writing great tunes, i just wish tanner was singing them.

Now this is where the tricky part comes in. There are some people who think the exact opposite of how i feel about “The Cleansing” and think that “No Time to Bleed” is really good. In that case then those people will find this album to be better than the rest and find the band in a great progressive trend. Whichever way, both are credible and understandable, and to each his own. I’ll be interested in seeing who favors what.

Now for the album itself, it’s really interesting because it’s not very deathcore-like anymore and more death-metal-like. The songs and sound are very straight-edge, metal with obvious influences from the likes of Devildriver and lamb of God within their songs. Songs like “Slaves to Substance”. “O.C.D”, and “March to the Black Crown” are huge songs with bombastic size and killer hooks. However there are also some other songs that kinda throw you in for a loop. Songs like, “Fuck Everything”, where they spend the last minute just screaming fuck everything is kind of a turn off if you get where i’m coming from. Just do it a couple of times and move on, seriously. Also, the song “Witness the addiction” features Jon Davis of Korn as a vocalist. Now i think that this tune is great and i love it when Jon sings, but a band like Suicide Silence, who have built themselves up as a deathcore band, and then turning their sound on its side like this shouldn’t feature a vocalist like Jonathon Davis on it. It’s a little too risky for this slight-debut of a cd. Don’t get me wrong though i love how this band are always changing, but this is can be seen as a little risky, thats all.

Now i don’t want you to think that i don’t like this band/record. I think that the band are phenomenal and this is a killer record, just not as killer as The Cleansing.

Suicide Silence will be touring with such greats as Megadeth, Disturbed and Machine-fuckin-Head on the Mayhem Festival. If you don’t have tix for this event then you HAVE to and you HAVE to check this band out.


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