Because i’m going to a bunch of concerts this summer, i thought it would nice to preview and review some of the shows and discuss bands on the bill etc. Anyway, this is the first of hopefully many reviews so i hope you enjoy them and bring up some insightful discussion.

Now, i went to the Soundgarden show at Festival Pier on Wed so i can’t preview it, but i can certainly review it. First lets start with the opening support band: The Mars Volta. There are a couple of bands supporting certain legs of this particular reunion tour. For example, for the first leg, Queens of the Stone Age are supporting, the next leg features The Mars Volta. Coheed and cambria pick up from there and i believe the Meatpuppets are the final support band. I actually heard rumors that Mastodon were supporting a leg of the tour, but i’m not sure that thats a credible claim. anywho:

Mars Volta-I throughly enjoyed they’re show for the most part. They started off strong for their first three songs, but then they dragged out the last two songs to fill up their 45 min set time. Thats the thing that this band does live, they take some of their songs and just expand with it live. It’s all well and good, but yawning at some parts and not all that enjoyable. However, that being said, the band were very fun to watch. The singer liked to throw up and spin the microphone stand every now and then at some of the high moments and they’re drummer is very talented, and fun to watch, ripping up that three piece kit like no other. They’re all talented musicians and actually had a strong following at this show, but might not have been everyone’s support of choice.

Soundgarden – Never better. Period. These guys are on top form and sounded better than ever. The band sounded great and Chris’s voice hasn’t changed at all. It was really great to see all of them together on one stage again and banging out those classics. Soundagrden are one of the bands that i always thought would be fun to see live, but never thought i’d get the chance. Thankfully i have and i loved every second of it. As the smell of drugs and alcohol filled the air, the band played a blistering two hour set with a four song encore. the pulled out songs that they haven’t played in years as well as playing the classics like “Spoonman”, “Black Hole Sun”, “Jesus Christ Pose”, “Rusty Cage”, “Like Suicide”, and sooooo many more. The opened with “Searching With my Good Eye Closed” and ended with “Slaves and Bulldozers”, followed by five min of extra loud feedback as Kym and ben leaned their guitars face first against they’re amps. All in all just a great show from a pivotal band of the 90s.

If anyone else was they or knows of anyone else who was there feel free to comment and/or ask questions on how i can make this review better.


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